Is your dear friend obsessed with unicorns? Does a unicorn gift bring a smile to their face? Then, this article is for them. Any gift with a personal touch is cherished the most. In this article, we have shared some ideas of DIY unicorn crafts, that will surely add some sparkle to your closed one’s life. These items not only show your love for a unicorn, but also embraces some special meaning of love.

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DIY Unicorn Lamp:

Purchasing a gorgeous unicorn lamp is a dream of every unicorn enthusiast. But what about creating one yourself? Well, you will need a few simple steps to follow:

  • First, you will need a plastic unicorn doll, a lamp thread kit, a lamp, gold or silver spray paint, and one wooden stand to fit your light.
  • Take the wooden stand and unicorn doll; mark the accurate points that you will drill later.
  • Now, thread the lamp cord into the pipe and then insert the tube into the drilled holes of the unicorn doll.
  • Attach the unicorn body onto the wooden block and secure it.
  • Finish it by attaching the bulb. Finally, you will have a perfect golden/silver unicorn night lamp.

DIY Unicorn Eye Sleeping Mask:

Your kids will love it because of its unique and adorable design. This lovely sleeping mask will take your kids to a new unicorn world. The creation process is natural and you can finish it in just a few moments.

  • You need to have a colorful piece of cloth, sequin ribbons (some cute and bubbly colors), and an elastic.
  • Prepare one eye mask of their size and draw the unicorn details. Now cut them to get a perfect mask and trace each part, such as a unicorn head, two unicorn black eyes, etc.
  • Make a golden or silver horn with some sequin ribbon and glitters.
  • Now, attach it on cottony soft layer for comfortable sleep and stick the parts.

DIY Unicorn Planter:

One way to guarantee a healthier sleep cycle is to fill your home with beautiful flowers and plants. Making a DIY Unicorn Planter is super easy. Refer our steps to turn your boring plant pot into a pinkish magical unicorn planter.

  • Collect some clay pots, along with a tender plant, pink marker, paper flowers, white spray paint, glittering gold papers, black pen, and other DIY tools.
  • First, you need to spray the clay pot with the white spray paint. Leave it for dry and then make unicorn eyes on it with a black pen.
  • Now, to make it more beautiful and cute, add rosy cheeks with a pink marker.
  • Just like a crown on head, fill the pot with paper flowers.
  • Take a golden paper and cut the horn-shaped piece and place it over the top of the container.
  • Your cute, tiny, and adorable unicorn planter is ready to use.