As the weather gets warmer and the jackets get lighter, the spring is always a great time for men and women to showcase their fashion style. There are some people that even utilize a fashion stylist to tailor their look and clear out old pieces in favour of newer, trendier styles. How serious are you about your spring attire? Why not take advantage of the nicer weather and perform your own wardrobe “spring cleaning” of sorts. Go through your closet and clean out any clothing piece that you feel no longer suits your own personal style, or the look that you would like to achieve.

Next, it’s time to pick out hot new clothes that appeal to you. Look for great outfits that allow you to transition from the warmth of the day to the cooler spring night temperatures. Layers are absolutely the key to success if you wish to achieve this endeavor. In the past, it could be difficult to find and pick out a cool new wardrobe for the season; however, with online shopping, it has never been easier to replenish your style with great new trends at reasonable prices. At the best urban retailers like, you can choose from hundreds of looks instantaneously, and once you’ve picked out your favourites, you can have items shipped directly to your door within only a few days. Buying online saves you time, delivery, on the selection, and the price. At the best source for mens urban fashion as well as the best women’s fashion styles, you can easily pick out an outfit you and your friends will love. Bring in the spring with a unique look that your friends will envy.

Here are our top picks for the five must-have pieces that men or women might want this spring:

Ladies can put together the perfect day time look with exclusive S-brand jeans that provides a flirty fit designed to meet the style of jeans that is currently trending. Their boyfriend rip and repair style is reasonably priced at the right vendors, sometimes selling for under $25. Ladies can put these jeans on along with a signature knit hat designed by Mitchell & Ness that will keep their hair on fleek during a strong spring breeze. Women can choose from great spring colours like camo, teal, or light blue. Jordan Craig clothing also offers a unique line of clothing items for women to dress to impress during the spring, although our must have choice this spring are their signature ripped jeans.

Men’s urban fashion consists of many cool shirts, jeans, and hats. If you’re a casual guy at night you’ll find joggers will likely appeal to your tastes. Men also have the option of choosing from cool fitted hats with their favourite sports team. Get a perfect fit for the new air Jordan 8 Aqua by matching it will a pair of Moto denim jeans. The K-brand zipper jean is also a great selection for the spring.

If you plan to impress your friends this spring, purchase any number of these 8 essential pieces of clothing this spring and we know you’ll succeed. You don’t have to spend a fortune to customize your look with the changing seasons.