The film industry is always looking to up their game when it comes to action, technology, scripts, and even fashion. Though films are at the forefront of fashion, filmmakers must ensure that the wardrobe for each scene fits perfectly into the world in which the writers have created. This difficult task is often imitated with movie lovers of all sorts. In fact, many people who enjoy catching up on all the newest films might find themselves copying styles and outfits from these movies without even realizing it. Below are just a few of the styles from a few movies set to come out in 2017.

Classy and Grunge from Logan

 You might have already seen a bit of the grunge and classy style mix before Logan ever hit theaters, but now that the movie has premiered, these styles are beginning to be shown in the everyday wardrobe. It’s small things—like untucked dress shirts with the top two buttons undone paired with pushed up jacket sleeves and jeans—that make up this look. Another option for the classy yet grunge style is the dark pants paired with a dark, contrasting color thin t-shirt that is way too tight in the sleeves. This look is classic Wolverine, and it is making headway into men’s closets and everyday wardrobe.

Shiny and Chrome from Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman movie is nothing short of incredible, especially with the empowering message that it brings to women. The clothing from the movie will also bring a bit of confidence to women. This summer, you might find more and more people wearing gold, shiny materials, or even chrome on their nails or handbags. Wonder Woman boasts of all these shiny styles, and knowing how much everyone loves to imitate movie styles, these shiny hues will be increasingly popular in the summer months.

Classic Styles from Spider-Man: Homecoming

Everyone knows that Spider-man is a laid back superhero who wears only the most retro and classic styles when not in uniform. Spider-Man: Homecoming will prove no different in the wardrobe department. The classic styles that you are used to seeing in these movies will emerge once again when this movie hits the theaters later in the year. Though these styles are largely seen in everyday society already, the popularity of this superhero movie will bring the classic tee with the skinny jeans and sneakers back into the light. The looks seen in this movie are largely imitated by younger adults and teenagers because they can relate to these styles more.

Black Tie from Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The first Kingsman movie brought about a new style of black-tie attire for both men and women. The second movie of this series is no different, bringing to light all of the elegance and tailorings of a great suit or dress. Since this movie features secret service type men, the dress throughout the movie is often black-tie, meaning there are lots of suits, ties, dress shoes, sports coats, formal dresses, fancy hairdos, and more. This movie, which comes out later in the year, will inspire many to play up their formal attire for the next event requiring it. You might even find women out shopping for formal dresses without any cause to have one.

Loose and Fun from Justice League

There is one thing that the Justice League movie will remind you of, and that is the need for a quick escape to change from an average human to the superhero that each one of the group is. Of course, to do this, the members of the Justice League need to have on clothing that will both conceal their superhero costumes and look normal. Their styles will reflect the loose outfits needed but the fun styles that make them unique even as average humans. Just like Spider-Man, these styles will largely be imitated by younger adults and teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that they are only for that age group. The wardrobe can be imitated by anyone who wants a quirky, loose, and fun style that is comfortable but covering at the same time.


 Wardrobe departments on each movie know how much their style choices inspire the average Joe with their fashion. It’s no wonder that you see so many people mimicking the styles they see in movies. It’s easy to copy these incredible fashion choices, and with just a little research and shopping, you can find the perfect outfits to fit the style of your favorite characters and favorite movies.