If you are into healthy eating and diet habits, chances are high that you have heard about acai bowls. Acai berry is a special berry that comes from Brazil and has been termed as a superfood because of the many health benefits. An acai bowl, for the uninitiated, is more like a thick smoothie that’s served in a bowl topped with different things, such as fruits or oatmeal. Acai bowls are really popular for breakfast, because it keeps one satiated for long. To make that smoothie, you obviously need two things – a good blender and some awesome recipes. In this post, we will talk about selecting the best blender for acai bowl.

Do I need a blender for acai bowl?

Unfortunately, procuring acai berries isn’t easy. Unless you live in Brazil, you will not find the whole fruit. Most of the time, acai is sold frozen or in form of puree. Getting the puree from a health store is just one part of the job. What matters is making the smoothie, which doesn’t have to be thin like regular smoothies but not as hard as ice cream. The acai smoothie needs to be smooth, for which you need some sort of fruit or mix. A good blender just makes the job easy.

Finding the right product

  • First and foremost, find a blender that’s good for smoothies. You want to be sure that it’s easy to use and can be used for making big batches, because you will need acai bowl for five people in the house.
  • Secondly, check the speed settings of the blender. The more variable and options you have, the better. This just helps in getting the blend that you are looking for. While acai bowl doesn’t always call for ice, you may want to buy one that can cut ice, so that blending other things is easy.

  • The third point is the brand itself. Some like Blendtec, Vitamix, Blendworks and NutriBullet are well-known and have models that are great for making all types of smoothies. Make sure that the product has been reviewed well, for which review websites can come handy.

Finally, before you check for the best blender for acai, make sure to set a budget. A good blender is like an investment for the kitchen, and it is wise to go for something that’s meant to last and comes with warranty, more range of settings and blending options.