A man’s style and class is reflected by the clothes in his wardrobe and suit is the most fashionable and elegant attire any man can have. Suits of different style, colors and brands are available in every man’s collection.  A classy and perfectly fitted suit makes a man look smart and confident in the society.

Before purchasing any suit consider some of these tips for suit jacket and choose accordingly

  • There are two types of suit jacket available one is single and other is double breasted jacket. Single breasted jackets have two halves that are buttoned, which vary from one to four whereas in double breasted jacket, the number of buttons vary from four to eight and are mostly formal. A prominent feature of this jacket is peak lapels. Single breasted suit jackets are widely worn and easily available in mode masculine à Sherbrooke.

  • The suit jackets are usually made up of one, two or three buttons. Single button suits are usually worn by men in black tie events and are not versatile. Double button suit jackets are mostly preferred and suits every body type. They are well suited for social as well as business events. Men who are tall and like to wear waist coast would prefer suit jackets with three buttons.
  • The shape of suit defines your appearance within your social circle. There are three types of suit designs. One of them is sack (brook) suit jackets, which is shapeless and has narrow shoulders. Another suit inspired from military uniform is called structured silhouette jacket. These kinds of suit have padded shoulders and trim waist, which makes the wearer look like an hour glass. The third type of design is fitted silhouette jacket. It gives tailor fit and has very little padding and have high armholes.
  • Shoulders are the first thing that you should see in the suit jacket. If the shoulder does not fit you then the suit jacket cannot be altered. If the shoulder is sloping, you need to add padding to fit the shoulder according to your measurement.

  • Collar in the suit jacket should go well with the size of the jacket. Three most popular lapel designs are notch lapel, peak lapel and shawl lapel.
  • Pockets in suit jackets are mostly on left side of the jacket. There are many different pocket styles available some of them are: jet pocket which is most dressy, flap and slit jacket, angled jacket, ticket pocket and patch pocket