T-shirts are the most common upper wear for men. T-shirts impart a comfortable feel and a trendy look. Hence, most of the men prefer wearing t-shirts on almost all the occasions. Whether it’s a gym, a date, or profession; t-shirts are made for every occasion.

T-shirts also have different types. Most of them are crew or round neck, V-shaped, collared or polo t-shirts, and so on. So, how do you choose a t-shirt for an occasion? If we consider two types of t-shirts, round neck and polo, which is more suitable for you? This article tries to clear this confusion. After this, you will be able to purchase your favorite t-shirts from online retail stores such as Bewakoof, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, and others.

Round Neck T-shirts

  1. According to the Occasion

Round neck t-shirts are generally meant for casual outings. Now, we can classify casual outings into various situations. For example, if you are going out with your friends, you can wear round neck t-shirts. You can also wear crew neck t-shirts on a date if it looks clean and sophisticated.

When you are working out, these t-shirts are recommended. During an exercise, constant sweating can be irritating. But with round neck t-shirts; it becomes easy to handle the uneasy situations. And obviously, when you are spending your leisure time in your personal space, you can wear round neck t-shirts.

  1. According to the Built

If you have a bulky physique with broad shoulders, chest, and big tummy; round neck t-shirts may not suit you. These t-shirts will not be able to portray your physique in the best possible manner. Hence, obese people should avoid wearing round neck t-shirts. The same is true for skinny people.

Men with good stature and normal physique should go for round neck t-shirts. The proportionate physique looks attractive in round neck t-shirts.

Men who have a long, chiseled face should opt for round neck t-shirts. This apparel will look perfect on well-built or normal physiques.

Polo T-shirts

  1. According to the Occasion

Polo t-shirts are generally associated with semi-formal occasions. For example, if you are going for an informal business meet, you can wear a polo t-shirt. In most of the cases, it is acceptable in office hours as well. For a neat and clean look, polo t-shirts are an ideal preference.

During family dinners or other functions, you can try polo t-shirts. If the sun is too bright, you can consider polo t-shirts to avoid tanning in the neck portion. Hence, for a semi-formal and classy look, you should consider wearing polo t-shirts.

  1. According to the Built

Since round neck t-shirts are not suitable for obese men, polo t-shirts will do the job for them. The collared neck compensates for the broad abdomen region. Choose an optimum fit to avoid any embarrassing moments. If you opt for a slim fit polo t-shirt, it will look bad on your physique. It should neither be loose fitted nor tight fitted. A proportionate size will be appropriate.

Not only for obese men, polo t-shirts look equally good on men with normal physique. Skinny men will also appear pumped up in polo t-shirts. Just ensure that the size of the t-shirt is appropriate.