Football shoes are designed to provide agility and speed, while minimising injury. You can buy them online instead of from a sports goods store.

Football is truly the game of legends. Fast, furious and fiery, it is highly entertaining while also a sobering game, bringing out the best and worst from players.

If you are a footballer yourself, you will need a good pair of football shoes. We help you buy them.

What are football shoes?

As the name suggests, these are shoes designed for those who play football. The shoes are also known as ‘soccer boots’ in countries where footie is referred to as ‘soccer’. It differs from other sports shoes in that the shoe does not cover or even touch the ankle area. The ankle bone is fully exposed in this kind of shoe.

Football shoes feature a series of studs on the sole, designed as per the surface that one is going to play football on. For instance, the cuts and studs are screwed in and sharper for football shoes designed for grass play, while hard pitches are better served with plastic studs. Shoes for indoor football are fitted with rubber soles and studs for better grip.

However, football shoes are designed differently if one is playing rugby – the sole features sturdy screw-in studs so that the boot does not slip or slide in the lock, prop or hooker positions. Rugby boots are heavier than the standard football shoes.

Over the years, football shoes’ design has evolved to pack in more power, grip, speed and to minimise injury to the wearer. The shoes’ design is often the crucial factor between winning and losing, though it can also cause problems on-field. For example, several footie clubs around the world have banned shoes with metal studs, since these cause injuries to other players during the game. The most recent football shoe design to be hauled up features a series of metal blade studs fitted in different directions to provide strong grip – but these cause cuts on other players on collision during play.

How to pick the right football shoes

  • Get advice on the kind of football shoes you need to pick. Your coach or team physiotherapist can advise you on the same.
  • The kind of football shoe you buy depends on the surface of play. Be sure to specify the surface when you buy the shoes.
  • You can buy football shoes online instead of going to a sports store far away. Specify the material, size and type while buying.
  • Check the size guide provided to get the right shoe size. Despite differences in make and material, the sizing of the football shoe remains universal with other shoe types.
  • Try the shoe with your playing socks on. This will give you an idea of whether the shoe fits properly or is loose/tight. If it does not fit properly and if you bought it online, you can get it exchanged or returned.