While we were watching “The Big Bang Theory” the other day, we started arguing about the best superhero capes. No one could agree which superhero had the best one. There are so many iconic superheroes, and their superhero capes are just as iconic.

Why capes anyway? There are huge debates about why superheroes wear capes. Most agree that is primarily for dramatic effect. Plus, most capes were designed in a time when wearing a cape wasn’t as unusual as it would be now. The cape adds drama and movement to the comic frames. Many superheroes need their capes to fly or for some other practical purpose. Sometimes, we like the cape for its dramatic feel instead of for its practical use. So, I put it to you to decide. Here are a few that we thought should make the list.

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman isn’t always portrayed with a cape. She has been shown in a few jackets. A cape does pop up now and again. Usually, it is a red, white and blue striped wonder. Other times it is similar to superman’s cape – red and classic – but a little shorter. There is a great debate about whether she should wear one at all. Her mother, Hypolita, does wear a cape. Perhaps it is fitting after all.


Most people think of Batman as the coolest of the superheroes. He is rich and powerful and dark. Batman’s cape also helps him hide his true identity. It creates a more bat-like vibe for the character. Unlike many characters, he uses it. His cape enables him to glide and parachute. It also protects him from the enemy, helping to stop bullets or other projectiles. Plus, it helps him blend into the darkness of Gotham.


Thor is a unique character as he is actually a Norse god. It makes sense that Thor’s cape is regal and powerful. He is strong and needs a strong cape too. Even though his cape does change slightly over the decades, the signature bulging-shoulder look is always present. His cape stands up at the shoulders, creating his wind-blown and powerful stance. It also makes his muscles look bigger and stronger, which is never a bad thing.


Superman is about as iconic as you can get when you talk about superheroes. His cape, likewise, is the most well-known. Superman is noble, honorable and powerful. However, his is not the most exciting cape out there. It is, however, classic and timeless. There is some debate about what it actually does (as with most capes), but mostly it just looks cool.


This cape is pretty much as daring and bold as it gets. You are never really sure where the cape ends and the man begins. His cape even has a mind of its own, able to move and shapeshift. Even if he is unconscious, his cape and chains protect him. His cape and costume can even feed off evil energy and heal the wounded.

Captain Marvel

Even though this superhero is not as popular as he used to be (he used to outsell Superman and Batman), his cape is still iconic. It was so perfect it never needed changing. More than any other hero, his cape is never static. It is always swirling about, lending dramatic flair to the hero. It represents all that is noble and idealistic. It is reported that Elvis copied Captain Marvel’s cape when he made his own. That is saying something.

Regardless of your favorite, these are some of the best superhero capes out there. These heroes are timeless examples of the best attributes of humanity. Their capes give them power, hide them from their enemies and help save the world.