The days of wearing baggy, loose plain coloured sweatpants are over, and the trendy joggers and stylish sweatpants have taken the spot pretty fast. Joggers teamed up with trendy t-shirts, hoody cardigans, cool sneakers are the new fashion trend and is being called by the fashion community as ‘athleisure’ now. Sweatpants do not look like the original shape and size anymore.

The latest trend of sweatpants

The loose fitting comfort clothes have made way for the perfectly fit and stylishly manufactured joggers. The manufacturers have done with the comfort laid back look and have instead accepted the policy of designing them much more aerodynamically suiting the body contours perfectly. And nowadays it is being worn by a multitude of people and by rappers and performers and artists mainly among famous personalities.

More and more people are opting for the easy to move around sweatpants over the traditional wears like jeans and trousers. And to add to the functionality of the sweatpants, latest fashion designers are now providing them with useful operational attributes like zippered pockets, ankles with zips and loose at the knee regions to help better movements. The sweatpants are coming in a team of colours now which can be easily teamed up with any sort of upper body wear and can be equally appealing in both formal as well as semi-formal and casual settings. Sweatpants are coming in funkier designs, printed murals, and colourful drawstring tie. They can be worn with sports coats or flannel shirts, stylish cardigans or zipped sweaters and all looks are equally appealing.

Why sweatpants are great

Sweatpants outsmart the contemporary, traditional bottom wear on many parts, few of them being:

  • Sometimes dressing down is more appreciated than dressing down and comfortable looks can be very stylish. People do look appealing even while lazily lying around or out travelling.
  • The can be easily worn for casual dates as well, as women do appreciate the new sporty avatar as the man looks quite fashionable and classy at the same time.
  • They are very economically priced as many companies are manufacturing them and the competition only helps the wearer and sites like Bewakoof are aiding in shopping sweatpants online where they can be easily compared and chosen from a wide range of varieties.

So the trendy sweatpants helping in many activities equally like both formal and public outing as well as physical activities like jogging, are a collection for all seasons and with latest fashion trend being developed every day, are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.