Everyone wears jewelry, even men! That is right and this is quite obvious even before with our great grandfathers. Well, men might not wear the usual decorative jewelry but they wear the different types of jewelry then and skull rings are already part of the history. As a matter of fact, if you will check out old movies or even movies now that tackle ancient stories, you can see that their datus or kings already wore skull rings. This is because, for them, skull rings represent power and manliness. They denote bravery like they are afraid of nothing and they are not easy to deal with.

Things to know about skull rings:

  • They are most common in bikers and in fact, you can hardly see a biker now wearing one. For them, a skull ring is a must if they want to be assumed as being tough and macho. It is their way of telling the world that they are unique and powerful. At the same time, this is also a way of telling their competitors in their world that they are a group they will have a hard time defeating.
  • Before, the bigger skulls you wear, the higher is your position. Thus you can see that in movies where chieftains are involved, they will adorn him with different kinds of jewelry, not only rings that are incorporated with skulls. Do you know that there were really times when skull rings are really made from actual bones of human? Yes and this is one of the histories of skull rings.

  • Nowadays, you can see different sorts of adornments done on the visages of the skull. There are skull rings that are incorporated with wings as they said to represent freedom, there are also those with crossbones which denote danger, poison and eternity. You can also see these types of jewelry with butterfly wings which exude growth and transformation.
  • You might think that skull rings are only for men but that is definitely not the case! There are also women who love to show their tough side and that does not mean they are lesbians. It just shows their unique preferences. They want to show to the world that they can be as tough as men as well. Besides, there are really skull rings that are designed for the female genders.

It seems that businessmen are also aware of the fact that there are really people who want to be different. While there are those that would love to use the latest trends when it comes to the conventional jewelry, there are also those that want to wear the kind of jewelry that only them wear.

Skull rings are indeed the latest craze these days and the good thing is there are now a number of suppliers. In fact, you can see these suppliers online with an array of skull rings in posted in their online websites. They are certainly worth checking out!

About the author – Tepparit is an avid fan of skull rings! He loves to be different and for him, wearing skulls rings is one way of showing his unique side.