Someone who is a skin care consultant, is a person (usually a woman)who usually works for a department store, a cosmetics store, or maybe even independently. This kind of consultant offers advice and sells makeup and skin care products all based on a customers’ wishes.

The skin care consultant, is in fact a salesassistant first and foremost, but who must as it is important for someone in this position, to try to listen to what a customer has to say and their requests as much as possible.

Dealing with Customers

On a day to day basis, the skin care consultant will more than likely have to interact with more than a few customers. The consultant is responsible for politely greeting customers when they enter into a store, and then amiably asking the customer if they need any type of assistance with any of the best skin care products in Malaysia.

Each day there will be a mix of customers, some who will only require purchasing a product that they have used up and wish to replace it, or others who may be in need of more assistance in deciding which type of makeup or skin care is best for them.

Product Promotion

After a skin care consultant has figured out exactly what the customer requires, he or she will have to assist the customer in selecting the ideal product(s). This can include a whole array of products and something like acne treatment or anti-aging wrinkle products, amongst a few others.

Also, as a salesperson, a consultant might be well encouraged to “upsell” to a customer. This can mean the suggestion of an additional moisturising night cream, for instance, if a customer came in to pick up a daytime cream, or recommending a second colour of lipstick to go with a new set of eyeshadow.

Being Knowledgeable about All the Products

It is naturally of importance to try to sell such products without making the customer uneasy or that one is just trying to make them buy more. This is why it is best to only drop hints of certain products that one honestly believes will be advantageous or helpful to a customer.

It’s in the best interests for the consultant to be very well-informed about the every product being sold, and also be prepared to answer all questions asked by customers. After customers have made up their mind and chosen a product, the consultant will then be required to run the purchase(s) through the cash register and take the payment.

Independent Work

You will also see consultants working freelance through various catalogue sales. This kind of consultant usually posts catalogues out to their friends and family, and then hosts a party where products can be sampled before making any purchase. Such consultants who work alone with the use of catalogues quite often develop a loyal customer base and this type of work is often useful to make up a great second form of revenue.